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Is Jamberry 9-Free? Is it Important?

Lots of people know that Jamberry is 5-free, but not many Jamberry 5-free Jamberry 9-freeknow that it is also 9-free. That means our wraps and lacquers do not contain the most common toxins found in nail polish and gels. That seems pretty significant so I decided to look into why Jamberry 9-free isn’t part of our marketing strategy. First, let’s understand what 9-free means.

Which absent toxins make Jamberry 9-free?

In the most commonly listed order the nine toxins missing from our products are are formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, DBP (dibutyl pthalate and phthalates), formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, and lead. You won’t find any of these on the ingredients list of our almost 90 lacquers, gels, base coats, and top coats. This is why Jamberry could advertise that they are 9-free.

So, why isn’t Jamberry 9-free a thing?

The short answer – because 9-free is silly. The long answer comes from looking at the additional ingredients that get us from 5-free to 9-free.

  • Eylene has not been included in nail polish for a very long time. I looked hard and I could not find a single company who uses this ingredient in their nail care products. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find this ingredient used in any cosmetic products.
  • Lead is restricted as an ingredient in cosmetics by the FDA. Iron Oxide is used to color many nail polishes and does have a trace amount, but this ingredient is heavily regulated and only occurs in trace amounts in all nail colors.
  • Parabens are probably a good thing to avoid in your nail polish too (it’s an endocrine disrupter) and according to my search of the Environmental Working Group’s database, there is only one company using any kind of paraben in it’s nail products and it isn’t Jamberry.
  • Ethyl tosylamide is probably the only additional ingredient that I think would make a good case for changing our advertising. I think Jamberry could say we were 6-free without being silly. This ingredient is already banned in Europe and the fact that this ingredient isn’t in our products probably helped us move more quickly into the UK market earlier this year.

So, you can see how it would be silly to advertise “Jamberry 9-free” and proclaim that we are free of something that pretty much no one else is using anyway.

We think too much of our customers to pander to unnecessary toxic paranoia. If you want non-toxic nail care products for you and your family, then you want Jamberry.

I have July and August party openings and can help you earn free Jamberry products.
If you are in central Florida, let’s meet up for a hands on wrap or gel demo.
You can also receive a free Jamberry sample to give it a try!

Pulse Orlando Fundraiser

It saddens me that this is even necessary, but I would like our small corner of Jamberry world to be meaningful. To that end, I have started a Pulse Orlando fundraiser using my popular Rainbow Swan designed inspired by Lakeland, the city I love and have made my own.

These Rainbow Swan wraps were designed for fun, but now they can have meaning because I will be donating 25% of all sales towards a charity or Go Fund Me that is helping survivors and victims’ families of the tragedy at Pulse on June 12th.

Please consider making a purchase to help support those affected by the mass shooting. Thank you for joining me in making a small difference in this dark time. ALso, if you are in Lakeland and feel like you may need to talk to someone about what happened, please see this Overcome Support Group led by Heather Stambaugh.

You can order the Pulse Orlando fundraiser wraps here.

Pulse Orlando Fundraiser Pulse Orlando Fundraiser

Jamberry Nail Wraps are Tough

Life’s no fun without a sense of humor! On April Fool’s Day 2016, Jamberry released these images as a joke, but really they tell the story of how Jamberry nail wraps can hold up in even the toughest circumstances.

Are you the Crossfit type? Or is Beach Body more your style? Maybe you like to Zumba your way to health?

Jamberry nail wraps

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have to wash dishes, at least on occasion. With a proper application, Jamberry nail wraps hold up to even rigorous dish and hand washing routines.

Jamberry Nail wraps

I’m not an animal person… but maybe you are and love cats? No worries about ruining your Jamberry nail wraps manicure when you have  to pick up after a pet!

Jamberry Nail Wraps


Say Goodbye to Jamberry's Tracy Reese Collaboration

The time has come — the Tracy Reese Collaboration will only be available for a few more weeks! Pick up your favorite design or the entire collection before it’s too late. Be on trend this summer with wraps created by fashion designer, Tracy Reese. The collection will be discontinued June 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. MT or while supplies last. Please note that these wraps are only retiring in our US and Canada markets and will still be available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand until further notice.

Working Together –  Tracy Reese Collaboration

When announcing the retirement of the Tracy Reese Collaboration, a representative from Jamberry’s home office had this to say. “We have loved collaborating with a fashion expert whose designs are launched at New York Fashion Week, available in high end stores like Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus, and who dresses celebrities like Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, and Alyssa Milano. She’s been a dream to work with and is as beautiful on the inside as her fashion designs! Thank you Tracy Reese!”

There are just a few weeks left. Place your Jamberry order now for fastest and direct shipping!

Tracy Reese Collaboration

Tracy Reese Collaboration

Tracy Reese Collaboration

Tracy Reese Collaboration

Tracy Reese Collaboration

Tracy Reese Collaboration

Tracy Reese Collaboration

I have June and July party openings and can help you earn free Jamberry products.
If you are in central Florida, let’s meet up for a hands on wrap or gel demo.
You can also receive a free Jamberry sample to give it a try!


Jamberry Throwback Thursday – Watermelon Burst

Remember that awesome post about summer nails? Well, let’s continue Jamberry Throwback Thursdaythe fruity fun with watermelon themed wraps for this week’s Jamberry Throwback Thursday!

These are so adorable and I’m especially excited that we are releasing a mommy and me manicure. Watermelon Stripes retired before I had a chance to join Jamberry over two years ago, so this is a real throwback! Watermelon Burst is a completely new wrap though made just to create this mother-daughter manicure.

If you’ve never applied nail wraps to a child before, make sure to check out these tips for applying Jamberry wraps I posted recently. They’ll help you have an amazing application that’s sure to last, even with all the summer fun!

Here are some ideas for how to pair these bright colors with other products.


Happy matching manis to you!!

watermelon burst

Cuticle Removal 101 for a Great Manicure

When I first became a Jamberry consultant, I thought I would just learn about how to have pretty nails. I never knew it would take me down a path of learning about anatomy and how our nails can be a snapshot of our health. Recently, I’ve been especially intrigued by cuticle removal.

One of the first things I learned is that cuticle removal is essential for achieving a great Jamberry application. Nail wraps, lacquers, or gel enamel can not stick properly to skin, which is basically what your cuticle is. Sometimes we refer to this as invisible cuticle because it goes up much further on the nail than lots of people realize.

The tricky thing to learn is proper removal of this cuticle so we can have hidden cuticlean awesome Jamberry manicure. Unfortunately, a lot of people, nail techs included, are confused about what the cuticle is. Doug Schoon, a nail industry expert, explains it this way:

The cuticle is a thin layer of dead tissue riding on the nail plate to form a seal between the nail plate and eponychium to prevent pathogens from infecting the matrix area. The cuticle pulls away from the underside of the eponychium and attaches tenaciously to the nail plate. The cuticle should NOT be confused with the “eponychium”.

So, what does that mean exactly? It means the skin that some nail techs clip off at the base of your nail is not your cuticle, but the eponychium! That tissue is there to protect your nail and clipping it off opens you up to a world of infection and inflammation that make having a beautiful manicure harder to accomplish.

How can we practice safe cuticle removal then?

First, let’s start by putting down the clippers. Save those for trimming your nails. We are only going to use an orange stick or a metal cuticle spoon.

Second, use a cuticle removal product. In order to work effectively, it needs to have an ingredient that dissolves human protein cells. According to Ana Siedel, that ingredient is lye, and she writes, “You’ll also find it labeled as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, or caustic potash.” Because the lye can not distinguish between dead and alive skin, applying cuticle removal is something we should do carefully. Using a cuticle removal pen helps target just the cuticle.

Third, when you use that orange stick or metal cuticle spoon, you are going to be gently. No jamming it up under the eponychium and causing inflammation or increasing your risk of infection. Gentle pushing or scraping is all that’s needed, especially if you are using a cuticle removal pen.

These are the basics of cuticle removal. If you follow them, I guarantee that the quality of any manicure you do will improve dramatically.

Cuticle Remover Pen